Looking for the Ideal Wedding Gift This Season?

The wedding bells are ringing again and you have a host of invitations to attend. It means new clothes, fancy shoes and loads of jeweleries. The season also means a kind of reunion with near and dear ones, and of course, a lot of gifts. You may forget to wear jewellery, wear shoes that don’t match or wear clothes that make you look as if you have come to the park for a brisk walk. But if it is about gifts, well, you can’t be caught dead without them. Be it a small token or something grand, weddings are incomplete without them.

If you are looking for the ideal gift that you may give to the newly weds, here’s a list of suggestions that might help you sail through the ordeal.

• Flower Bouquets
Beautiful enough for any occasion, the language of flower is universal and appreciated by one and all. Be it an acquaintance or an old friend, a flower bouquet serves as an ideal gift. Pair it up with a nice card, a box of fine gourmet chocolates or a bottle of wine to make it more special.

• Dinner sets, bedsheets, carpets, irons, pressure cookers, etc.
Who says these are given only by the aunties, uncles and neighbours? However hackneyed they might seem, they belong to the list of ‘safest options’. They have bailed many out of gift giving woes and will remain to do so for years to come. You can get them from the local store or easily buy dinner sets online.

• Home decor accessories/ furniture
Geometric print lamp shades, papyrus wall hangings and brass/ porcelain flower vases make great gifts. If you have a stronger tie and a higher budget, you can go for a dinning table, a computer cabinet or a wooden entertainment unit.

• A ‘Honeyed moon’
Some weddings, like that of your own brother, sister or a close relative, imply you just can’t give anything and everything. If you do not wish to give money or gold, you can book them an all expense paid trip as a gift.

• Gift Vouchers
If your friend/ colleague who is tying the knot is a shopaholic or a bookworm, a gift voucher from his/ her favourite store can be just what you are looking for.

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